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the mystic rebel collection vol. 1 is a musical collaboration between professor X + The Mystic Rebel

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a specially curated set of mixtapes designed to to help adjust your elevation + find your level

a blend of contemporary and classic music to help you find some balance + inspiration

blow trees and find your center with stoned yoga -

vibe out and stretch your mind and body with stretch + meditate -

turn it up a notch and get war ready with 90's hip hop + r&b inspired hiit (high intensity) yoga -


whatever your flow, we got you - welcome to the mystic rebel experience

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The Mystic Rebel is a home for seekers of a different variety. We aim to bring whimsy and joy back into the mindfulness and healing arts. Maybe you’re an avid yogi, or maybe the word meditation makes you gag- wherever you are on the spectrum we have a spot for you here, where you can access tools and techniques to support whatever you are moving through while also remembering that life is supposed to be fun and a little messy. Perfectly imperfect is our goal, and we welcome whatever beautiful mess you bring with you. We’re rebels with a cause, and we want you along for the ride.

ashlee langas & julia albain of   the mystic rebel    (photo via matt doheny, graphic via patrick lakey)

ashlee langas & julia albain of the mystic rebel

(photo via matt doheny, graphic via patrick lakey)

The Mystic Rebel brings yoga, meditation, and healing services with the intention of offering wellness practices that are grounded, accessible, and playful. We offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes for whatever level of experience you are at, as well as private healing and yoga sessions, curated special events, and so much more. We seek to create a holistic playground where trial and error is encouraged and there is no destination. Our Mantra: It's easy. We want to help you make life a little easier. 

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The Mystic Rebel

453 S Spring St, Suite 641, Los Angeles, CA 90013


(323) 942-9484


instagram: themysticrebel