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Who We Are

The Mission is a storytelling company. We specialize in partnering with clients from marginalized and underrepresented communities to advocate for cultural and political change in the advancement of universal human rights. Storytelling has been, and always will be, a central and consistent facet of the way in which we as human beings connect with each other and the world around us. Our goal is to highlight the universal humanity we all possess and the common dignity to which we are all entitled – by doing so, we aim to demonstrate that the ties that bind us are fundamentally stronger than that which divides us.


We work with award-winning artists, innovators, activists, and change-makers to harness the power of storytelling as a means of fostering greater empathy and understanding between disparate communities. Ours is a big tent – if you want to make life better for other people – we want to be helpful to you in your journey. We are problem solvers and solution seekers.


Our diverse experience and background has led to a wide-ranging portfolio of interests – through a variety of roles, we help to create and produce stories across a wide range of media – from television shows such as The Night Of and The Chi, to films like Red Sparrow and the upcoming Life in a Year. We have worked in theatre, Broadway to regional, produced short form documentary films on victims of police killings and have recently launched our own platform “the mission radio” – beginning with an online radio station – with commissioned original works from both our client roster and our extensive network of collaborators. We’ve been engaged to consult on a variety of launches and start-ups – from production companies to super PACs. We have a passion for storytelling and helping to harness the emotional power of human connection. We’re excited to connect with you and discover how we can support each other.


We believe that your voice matters and

we want to help you tell your story.


What’s your mission? How can we be helpful?


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